Alpena County Parks Commission

Jeff Kowalski (Chair)
517 227 0961

Stan Mischley (Vice Chair)

Matt Gepford (Secretary)

Karie Bleau (Secretary)

Robert Adrian

Kurt Pratel

Cameron Habermehl

Don Wood

Darrell Spragg



Kim Ludlow
Alpena County Treasurer

Camping fee per night

Rustic lots no power or water $17.00
Regular lots power and/or water $22.00
Lakefront lots, power and/or water $28.00

Extended Rates

Monthly rustic lots no power or water: $500.00


Payment of $150.00 is due at the time of reservation, with the balance due withing 2 weeks before arrival for seasonal and monthly rentals.
Boat Launching Daily $5.00
Seasonal $25.00

Other Fees

Shower (non camper) $3.00
Pavilion rental $75.00 per day
Dumping station (non camper) $6.00
A frame at Beaver Lake $50.00
Dumping of refuse (non camper)$3.00 per bag

If you would like to submit any pictures of the Alpena County Parks, please email them to Jeff Kowalski along with the caption of the photo and date taken, Thank you!

Camping season is from May 15th to October 15th. Reservations are accepted with depositafter January 1st. Regular reservations must have one (1) nightpaid in advance. Holidayweekends require two (2)nights paid in advance. All deposits are non-refundable.

Downloadable Forms

Rules and Regulations
Pet Policy

Alpena County Park Maps

Meeting Times

The Alpena County Parks Commission meets the second Thursday of each month at 6:00 p.m. at the Howard Male Conference Room in the Alpena County Courthouse Annex Building, 719 Chisholm Street, in Alpena.

CAMP DEFINITION:  a single camp shall mean a single family or group occupying one site. A single family camp is interpreted as the immediate family consisting of one or two parents or guardians and their children. However, up to two additional persons may be considered as part of the family camp if all members of the party sleep within the maximum shelters allowed per camp site as defined below. A single group camp is a non-family group of people and shall not exceed four persons. If additional persons join the camp, it may change the nature of that camp from a single family camp and require additional camp sites to be established. Maximum camping shelters per site are defined as any equipment used to sleep in or upon.

A trailer/vehicle camp site is one tent trailer, travel trailer, self-propelled mobile camper, pick-up camper, plus one tent per site. Children may occupy two tents on the same site as their parents or guardians. Rustic tent-only camp sites can use as many tents as necessary to accommodate the single camp and within the physical limits of the site size. Camping parties may be required to limit the number of tents or purchase additional sites to prevent unnecessary equipment overcrowding.

The Alpena County Parks Commission is in charge of all county parks. The camping rates are set by the Parks Commission each year and are the same for all parks.

Sunken Lake Park

Park Maps: click here
Campground Fees: click here

Located off M-65 on Leer Road, this site was first developed as a state park.  Sunken Lake Park is the county’s largest park, boasting 160 acres of serene beauty, virgin timber, and walking trails that lead to unending discoveries of wildlife, generous scenery, and hours of relaxing escape.  Sunken Lake offers modern camping sites and also a primitive area.  Nature offers much in this park, unique rock formations, historic sinkholes (see below), and relics of the lumbering era are to be found.  A fine picnic area is available and fishing from the rustic covered bridge will offer many hours of relaxation away from the present pace of today’s world.  A warm welcome awaits the nature lover, bird watcher, rock hound, and all for a step into our past.  The natural beauty is here from early spring through the fall color season. 

Sunken Lake Park
Managers (Miranda & Mark)
10300 South Leer Road

Posen MI, 49776
email to:

Long Lake Park


Park Maps: please click here
Campground Fees: click here

Just off US-23 north of Alpena and on County Park Road, this modern campsite park is located on the shores of Long Lake.  Camping, swimming, boating, fishing, and hiking through an area set aside for nature study are just many of the activities awaiting campers.  Long Lake Park is an ideal vacation center for touring the surrounding historic areas such as Besser Natural Area (see below) or the many lighthouses located on Lake Huron north of the park.  The park also features a day use area and beautiful beaches with parking area and picnic sites away from the camping grounds.  Fishing is fabulous, especially with the recent stockings of walleyes in the lake!

Long Lake Park
10002 Hinks Park Road
Alpena, MI 49707

Beaver Lake Park


Park Maps: please click here
Campground Fees: click here

On the shores of beautiful Beaver Lake, off M-65 and west on Beaver Lake Park Road lies Beaver Lake Park.  The lake is spring-fed, unusually clear, and one of the deepest lakes in the state.  This site is surrounded by hilly and rolling land and is in the center of an area that abounds with deer and wild turkey.  Large virgin oaks cover the hills and ridges and provide cover and feed for the game.  Fishing, boating, swimming, and modern campsites are available.  A self-contained A-frame cabin for getting the rustic feel of camping without the hassle of setting up a camp is available for the less adventurous who still want to enjoy camping in the great outdoors.  For your teenagers, the park boasts a new teen activity center with games and fun.  From spring through fall the park has a great deal to offer the visitor, its location offers an outstanding sight during the fall colors.

Beaver Lake Park
Managers ( Earl and Marcia Martin)
17354 Beaver Lake Park Road
Lachine,MI 49753

Beaver Lake Welcome Pack!
Beaver Lake Happenings

Manning Hill Park

Manning Hill Park Located 18 miles west of Alpena on M-32 between M-65 North and M-65 South this roadside park features a beautiful view, small pavilion, picnic tables, and rustic restrooms.  

Alpena County Park Rules

  • No amplified or loud music in the parks.
  • No loose dogs in the Park. Dogs must be kept on a six (6) foot leash.
  • Dogs cannot be left unattended. Please clean up after them.
  • No continued barking allowed.
  • No outside electric coolers, refrigerators or freezers allowed.
  • One camp per site.
  • No garbage, trash, cans, bottles or such in fire pits. Please use the dumpster. Clean campsites daily. Garbage bags will be furnished. Just ask for them.
  • Dumpsters are for the use of campers ONLY. Tie refuse in plastic bag before depositing.
  • All campers shall have containers under drains. No grey water allowed on the ground.
  • ATV or motorcycles on campsite only. No riding around the park.
  • Check-out time is 1 PM Sharp.
  • No dish washing done in or near bathrooms or faucets.
  • Children are not allowed to play in or around bathrooms. Parents should accompany young children to the bathroom.
  • Campers are responsible for their visitors.
  • Not more than two (2) vehicles per campsite. Visitors should park their vehicle in the visitor's parking lot. All vehicles must be parked off the road so emergency vehicle may pass through.
  • Visitors are not allowed to park on other lots.
  • Fish cleaning station is for camper use ONLY.
  • The fish cleaning user will clean the fish cleaning station. Deposit fish guts in DOUBLE plastic bags and then place them in the dumpster.
  • No cleaning of fish or fish coolers near any campsite. Use the cleaning station ONLY.
  • The boat launching area is for launching boats ONLY. No swimming, fishing or children are allowed on the dock or near launch area.
  • Launch users must park vehicles and trailers in designated parking area.
  • 11:00 PM is quiet time. All music must be turned off or turned down. Your music must not carry over move than two (2) lots at any time.
  • When group camping, picnic tables are to be returned to their own sites upon departure

The Alpena County Parks and Recreation Commission oversees all the County Parks including Beaver Lake, Long Lake and Sunken Lake Park. the camping rates are reviewed, regulated and adjusted as needed by the Parks and Recreation commission on an annual basis. Once the rates have been implemented, they will be the same for all parks.

Camping facilities available from May 15 until October 15th annually. Reservation are accepted after January 1st each year and a deposit of one night stay to be paid in advance. Holiday weekends require two night stay to be paid in advance. Seasonal reservations can be accepted anytime for the current or future camping season.

If cancellation of a reservation is necessary a $10.00 cancellation fee will be charged and the remaining deposit will be refunded. On Holiday weekends when a two night deposit is required a $20.00 cancellation fee will be charged and the remaining deposit will be refunded. NO EXCEPTIONS!

Approved by the Alpena County Parks and Recreation 1/14/16.


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