Alpena County Voting and Elections

Alpena County Clerks Office
Bonnie Friedrichs

720 W. Chisholm Street Suite #2
Alpena, MI 49707-2453
Phone: (989) 354-9520
Phone: (989) 354-9522
FAX (989) 354-9648


Election Results

2010 August Election by Precinct
2010 August Election Summary Report
2010 General Election
2010 November Election by Precinct
2011 November Elections
2012 February Presidental Summary
2012 February Presidental Primary
2012 August Election Results
2012 August Primary Results
2012 Official List of Proposals
2012 November Primary Results
2012 November Elections by Precinct
2013 February Election Summary Report
2013 February Elections by Precinct
2013 November Elections by Precinct
2014 Precinct Delegates
2014 Primary Precinct by Precinct Totals
2014 Primary Summary Results
2014 General Election
2014 General Election Summary


Voting Information

The County Clerk is responsible for preparing and proofreading the ballots for elections held in Alpena County. She is available on election nights to receive and tally the unofficial totals and then filing with the State certified election results after the Board of Canvassers have certified the election. The County Clerk directs recall and recount activities in the county and is responsible for precinct election workers training. Nomination petitions and campaign finance materials can be obtained from the Clerk’s office for citizens who wish to run for public office. The filing of petitions and campaign finance reports are filed in compliance with state. Election laws information is available on the State website

Polling Places in Alpena County

City of Alpena
Karen Hebert, City Clerk - 989-354-4158

Precinct 1 Thunder Bay Rec. Center, 701 Woodward Ave.
Precinct 2 Thunder Bay Rec. Center, 701 Woodward Ave.
Precinct 3 Presbyterian Church-101 Gilchrist (corner of US 23 & Johnson St.)
Precinct 4 First United Methodist Church, 167 s. Ripley Blvd.
Precinct 5 First United Methodist Church, 167 s. Ripley Blvd.
Precinct 6 St. Bernard’s Parish Center, 322 W. Chisholm St.

Alpena Township
Christine Dubey, 989-356-0297

Precinct 1 Hinks School, 7667 US 23 North
Precinct 2 Alpena Township Civic Bldg., 4385 US 23 North
Precinct 3 Word of Life Baptist Church, 1900 Bagley St.
Precinct 4 Southside Township Fire Statio, US 23 S. (corner of Paad St.)
Precinct 5 Gordon School, 2373 Gordon Rd.

Green Township
Melony Sumerix - 989 379-2398
Green Township Hall, M-32 West (past M 65 South)

Long Rapids Township
M. Susan Thomson - 989 379-3992
Long Rapids Emergency Facility, 5310 M 65 North

Maple Ridge Township
Tammy K. Schultz - 989 356-0791 ex: 2
Maple Ridge Township Hall, 6010 W. LaComb Rd.

Ossineke Township
Dennis Liske - 989 727-3028
Ossineke Township Hall, 9041 Nicholson Hill Rd.

Sanborn Township
Lynda VanDusen, 989 471-5138
Sanborn Township Hall, 12011 US 23 S. (corner of Nicholson Hill Rd.)

Wellington Township
Peter Madsen, 989 464-6960
Wellington Township Hall, 15616 Long Rapids Rd. (corner of Collins Rd.)

Wilson Township
Pamela Walker, 989 727-3981
Wilson Township Fire Station, 3746 King Settlement Rd. (between M-32 W and Werth Rd.)


Election Web Sites


• View Ballots
• Get a map showing polling locations
• Check voter registration status
• Locate the address of your local County Clerk’s Office

Secretary of State:

• Michigan Voter Registration Application
• Secretary of State Voter Information Center
• Help America Vote Act (HAVA)
• Election Results
• Other information regarding Elections in Michigan


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