Researching is allowed any time while the office is open; however, in the rare event of overcrowding or unforeseen circumstances, researchers may be asked to return at another date or time.

Researchers are only allowed to view deaths and marriages. Birth records are not public records and researchers cannot search them. If a birth record is over 100 years old, it is available to the public, however, the Clerk's Office staff must conduct the search.

Only certified copies of records can be issued. The present cost is $16 for the first and $ 6 for each additional of the same record ordered at the same time. You are free to write down any information you wish to from the records on a separate sheet of paper.

Records and indexes must be handled with care. They must not be leaned upon, marked, altered, folded or otherwise handled in any way likely to cause damage to the record or index.

Copy machines, cameras, or tracing vital records is prohibited.

Researchers are prohibited from using ink pens when viewing records.

The County Clerk or staff reserves the right to determine or deny any unusual request or circumstance.

To schedule a search time, please use the Genealogy Search Request Form (PDF), and return it to the Clerk's Office for processing.