Health Care Expenses

While one parent may be required to cover health care insurance if available, both parents generally have the responsibility to share in medical and health care expenses for a child. Once the ordinary medical expense is expended each calendar year, the custodial parent may submit a request to the other parent for reimbursement of their share of any additional medical expenses paid on behalf of the child.

Before a complaint of non-payment will be accepted by the FOC you must first provide, within 28 days after the insurer's final payment or denial of coverage, the other parent with an itemized statement for each expense. This statement must include the name of the child that received care, the date of the care, the reason and diagnostic code and cost, and the complete name and address of the healthcare provider. If applicable, a copy of your insurance carrier's explanation of benefits (the statement that tells why the insurance did or did not pay towards the expense and the amount paid) should be included. Proof of service/ mailing to the other party should also be provided.